Digging a Little Deeper

Since posting my first article I have been doing some thinking into what drives me and how I can use this site to help others and (selfishly) help myself at the same time. I guess it’s quite simple really – I want to see changes in the world that ensure different people are treated equally. Not too much to ask 🙂

I was sitting at my computer gaming desk (in between playing some games) and watching some youtube videos when I thought about sharing them with my readers.

A couple of videos

Also this one….

I hope both of these are worthwhile and you get something out of them – I don’t want this site to be too many different videos but sometimes they are a great source of information and worth sharing.

I will try and open the comments section below (if I can avoid all the rubbish that gets posted!) and I hope you will chip in and we can get some meaningful discussion going – something that may even lead to our own video creation!

Until next time……