Welcome to the Pride

All things should be equal in the world, that’s what I always thought. We should have the same opportunities no matter our orientation. The stigma is one thing but to be deprived of certain opportunities due to this is against everything I believe in. I am angry, this has built up over time and I can’t really pinpoint one thing as to the reason but I feel this way due to a slow and gradual build up of anger.

Watching videos like the one below help me to believe that I am not alone and there are many like me living on the planet.

Let get a little more granular,

Why should we have to use events like this to highlight the plight of gay individuals – surely, if we were accepted this would be the norm?

As the anger built, I knew I would need a place to remove tension and that is the purpose of this blog – to try and and let of steam as well as build a small community of those with like minds. Those reading this with a similar outlook will agree and most likely nothing will need to be said – an understanding will just be there. If this is you, then please try and get hold of me via the contact form and we can pick it up from there.

You want to know a little bit about me – I work between South Africa and the UK – the majority of my work is in the IT field and when I am not working I like to either play golf or work on my swing using my Optishot 2 which I have setup indoors and as golf simulators go it is awesome – to read a full golf simulator review you can use the link. During winter you might also catch me messing around with my PS4 and any number of the latest games – depends a bit on the budget though!

Anyway, if we don’t talk directly then I hope you will come back and enjoy my little corner of the web!